Clinton is an idiot
Mots-clés : Célébrités Fidélité
One cold, but sunny winter morning, Bill Clinton is out jogging in the park. He is running past a big pile of snow, when he notices something strange. In the snow, "BILL CLINTON IS AN IDIOT" is written in urine. Furious, he hurries back to the oval room, and contacts his chief of Secret Police, asking him to solve the mystery.

A few days later Bill's chief of Secret Police returns, and says to the President, that their scientists have concluded their testing on the matter, and that there is good and bad news.

- Well, give me the good news first, Bill says.
- The good news is, that it was Al Gore's urine.
- That's the GOOD news ! The President shouts. What's the bad news then ?
- It was Hillary's handwriting...